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Pope Benedict XVI Denied the Opportunity to Be a Librarian

It’s true. Check out the following article which appeared in the London Daily Mail.

Roller Derby Librarians

Librarians are no couch potatoes! Some stay active by participating in roller derby. Take for example, Susan Nilsson, a children’s librarian at the Watsonville Public Library (California). You can read about her in the following article in the Register Pajaronian.

Another roller derby librarian that was featured in the news is Beth in Akron Ohio. Following is some news coverage on her.

New Zealand librarian Louise also plays in the roller derby. Even though her blog hasn’t been updated since last year, you may want to take a look at it at.

Librarian Makes Shortlist for Forward Poetry Prize

The August 6, 2010 Kent and Sussex Courier reported school librarian Abegail Morley made the shortlist for the Best First Collection prize. You can read the article at the following link – or check out her website at

Designer Librarian Sun Glasses

If you need a new pair of sunglasses, the Vera Wang collection offers a model named “Librarian.” It’s available from online retailers such as go Optic. If you’re interested in seeing what they look like, click the following link.

Summer Fiction Reading List

My list of books to read this summer keeps growing with recent crime and romance books featuring librarians now on the market.  I can’t wait to read the following books with librarian characters.

Death Threads, by Elizabeth Lynn Casey (Berkley) features a librarian determined to solve a local mystery.

The Librarian’s Secret Scandal, by Jennifer Morey (Harlequin) won’t be available until September 1st.  But don’t you just love the title!

Mad, Bad and Blonde, by Cathie Linz (Berkley) centers on a librarian jilted on her wedding day who subsequently falls for a guy who isn’t what he appears to be.

Murder Past Due, by Miranda James (Berkeley Prime Crime) surrounds a crime and the crime solving town librarian.

In Murderous Roots, by Virginia Winters (Cambridge Books), the main character is not a librarian, but a doctor and genealogist out to solve the mystery of who murdered the librarian in the public library.

Neighborhood Watch, by Cammie McGovern (Viking) features a librarian who was wrongly convicted of murder.

Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever, by Molly Harper (1st Pocket Star Books) centers on the main character who is a children’s librarian turned vampire.

Vegas Two-Step, by Liz Talley (Harlequin) focuses on a small town librarian and her Las Vegas fling.

What the Librarian Did, by Karina Bliss (Harlequin) focuses on the romance between a librarian and a rock star.

I Was Almost Five by school librarian Vida Zuljevic, is a collection of poems about how she and her family fled Yugoslavia during their civil war in the 1990s.  You can read more about it in an article that appeared in the McClatchy – Tribune Business News by clicking the following link.



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